The Parish Council is the local governing body of the parish of Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church. It is comprised of the Priest and a group of ten Orthodox Christians sacramentally in good standing with the Church. The members are elected for a two year term for the purpose of working with the priest to proclaim the Gospel and tend to the spiritual needs of the congregation. The Members of The Parish Council are:

Presbyter: Reverand Father Sarantis P. Loulakis


  • President: Philip Vavalides
  • Vice president: Maher Hanna
  • Treasurer: Rob Harrison
  • Assistant Treasurer: Michelle Thompson
  • Secretary: Brier Gay

Council members

  • Cecelia Antahades
  • Samer Mushahwar
  • Jimmy Sipsis
  • Mike Soufia
  • Christos Thalassenos
  • Marshall Yandle
  • Shadi Zeidan



  • Church secretary: Donna Raxter